Risk Improvement Consulting

Risk Improvement Consulting

In addition to our extensive risk assessment services, Alexander & Schmidt provides high-caliber risk improvement consulting services for a broad array of clients including carriers, employers, public and private entities, MGAs, brokers and program administrators.

Over our 25 years in operation, Alexander & Schmidt has developed the technical proficiency, the professional leadership team and the in-depth experience to provide the kinds of customized risk improvement programs that are essential to lowering loss ratios and achieving more profitable underwriting. Through the use of our proprietary safety culture assessment tools, which are tailored to each client’s specific operations, and our deep loss control expertise in specific industries and sectors, Alexander & Schmidt is able to analyze a current safety environment and culture, and establish a baseline from which customized risk improvement programs will be developed and implemented.

We follow up on risk assessments to help clients comply with risk control findings, conduct accident analyses, and develop plans that can reduce future risks, losses and insurance premiums.

We offer training programs to help clients and their employees control losses more effectively and economically through improved operations. Training programs include motor-vehicle fleet and equipment safety, hazardous materials handling, property maintenance, and more. We also offer compliance programs mandated by OSHA, DOT, and other regulatory authorities.

Alexander & Schmidt has developed numerous programs and processes to help our insurance industry partners reduce risk, lower loss ratios and support the key goal of more profitable underwriting.

Here’s just one of the many ways we can work with you or your customers to help improve risk and lower costs:

Benchmarking Safety Culture

A Process of Engaging Supervisors and Key Employees to Build a Positive Safety Culture

Multiple factors affect a positive safety culture. Measuring the factors that can improve the organization’s safety culture, as well as those factors that pose a hurdle to success, form the basis for setting an action plan.

Alexander & Schmidt works with insurance companies, brokers, agencies, program administrators and employers to develop a process that enables supervisors and key employees to work together to identify opportunities for significant improvement in safety. This is a process where these two groups and senior management can engage in developing action plans for success and chart a path for continually improving results.  It isn’t easy, but it works.  With the guidance of a professional who has led this process many times before, your organization can succeed in achieving a more effective safety culture–one that has a built-in path for continuous improvement.

Overview of the Process

Please contact us at Alexander & Schmidt to explore ways we can work with you to improve safety culture and control risks in ways that also improve morale, increase productivity and bring positive financial return.