At Alexander & Schmidt, our risk assessment surveys provide your underwriters with accurate, concise reports on prospective, current, and renewal contracting customers. While on-site job visits are always optimal, for our customers that desire them, we also offer phone survey risk assessments on construction accounts. Our field representa tives have years of experience in numerous aspects of risk, safety, and insurance programs for all types of contractors including:

Lines of business on which we complete risk assessments for our customers include:

Our environmental loss control experts also conduct risk assessments on contractors with the following coverages:

A&S risk improvement consulting services include program development of risk management and safety programs for contractors; safety and risk management manual and program development; design and implementation of self-audit systems; providing training to managers, project managers, and job site superintendents, and preparation for responses and documentation to successfully achieve positive results on inspections for regulatory, and compliance-related visits.

We invite you to contact us today to see how our program specialists can help you improve underwriting decision making and accomplish lower loss ratios in your program business.