At Alexander & Schmidt, our extensive experience in the diverse arena of Agribusiness allows us to bring special insights and efficiencies to your needs. We survey dairy/beef farms, farms with food processing, wineries/vineyards, fruit and vegetable operations, high value farm buildings and farm dwellings, and equine facilities.

Examples of other types of operations we survey include:

We also evaluate exposures at farm festivals (for example: corn mazes, punkin chunkin, etc.), therapeutic riding operations, camps, and dude ranches.

In most cases, our loss control professionals live near, or are close to, the farms they survey, so they understand local market conditions and the unique needs of your underwriters, your agents, and your customers.

We evaluate all lines of business that you may request including Package, Workers’ Compensation, and Commercial Auto. We survey owner-occupied and owner-operated farms with loss control professionals who understand farming and can provide you with comprehensive and concise information to help you to successfully underwrite desirable farm business.

We invite you to contact us today to see how our program specialists can help you improve underwriting decision making and accomplish lower loss ratios in your program business.